विटामिन B6 का विटामिन B12 का पूर्ण ज्ञान


Vitamin B6 is important for-

In maintaining and building the body’s immune system

Have a positive effect on metabolism

Hormonal control, kidney health, anemia, arthritis,

In maintaining positive emotional health

In arranging premenstrual syndrome

To maintain skin health

Used to treat vitamin B6 deficiency even in the following conditions

diabetic neuropathy

heart disease

Kidney disease

Premenstrual syndrome

Emotional and mental disorders

skin disorders

Side effects of vitamin B6

nausea vomiting

head ache

stomach pain

loss of appetite


Vitamin B12 is important for-

lactating women .

Suffer from an infection

Low iron or folate levels

Polycythemia (a bone disease)

Optic atrophy (genetic condition that damages the nerve connecting the brain to the eye)

Blood in urine.

Side effects of vitamin B12

Mecobalamin is usually safe. Some people may experience:

head ache



To be nervous or anxious

Uncontrollable or involuntary behavior

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