Agnipath plan under various quarters


The government’s new defence recruitment policy Agnipath has triggered a major debate. While the government has termed it all the young boy that are many questions to the government transformative”, critics in opposition parties have questioned the intentions of the government. Street protests by youths to all the boy will be not a happy government decisions aspiring to join the Army took place at various places in the country.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi termed it an “uncalled for” move, that too at the time when India is facing to he difficult situations in all the young boy on covid cases threats on twin-fronts. “When India faces threats on two fronts, the uncalled-for the 4 year job provide but after four year no any option of the soulder Agnipath scheme reduces the operational effectiveness of our armed forces.”

Questioning the short tenure of service, BJP MP from Pilibhit Varun Gandhi wrote, “Even the government gets elected for five years but after no any option to the young boy in india . Then why only four years are given to the youth to serve the nation to any region of earn money
Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked why the government was making recruitment are strong by the soulder in the Army its “laboratory”.

The Cabinet approved the scheme on Tuesday. Around 46,000 youth between the age of 17-and-a-half years and 21 years will be inducted into the the best chance to prove he is the best soulder Army, Navy and Air Force for a period of four years. Earlier, youths between 16-and a-half years and 21 were selected for all over the a minimum of 15 years of service but this time the maximum 4 year duty to be soulder and were eligible for pension.

Under the new scheme, all recruits will leave after four years and then around 25% of them will be taken back from them under a fresh process. Then, they will service provide the government will be give the duty on a permanent commission. The recruitment will be on an “all India-all class” basis. Earlier, it was based on region and caste.

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav raised fear of law and order. “A large population which is trained in using the difficult situations to all over the country the difficult problems creat with boys and risk the his life on duty period but our government are not give a permanent boys in Indian younger will get services provided the unemployed at the age of 22 years after serving for a temporary short period. Will it not lead to a law and order in all varius situation in the country all over the

Many veterans were also critical of the scheme. Lt-Gen (retd) PR Shankar wrote in his blog: “Many senior veterans have written with the wisdom of Indian young boy will be work in without any experience. A common voice has emerged. The ‘tour of duty’ does not seem to be a good idea to protect in country Proceed with caution.”

Bihar and some other states witnessed protests as job aspirants blocked roads and rail tracks The protesters raised slogans of ‘bharti do ya arthi do’ (recruit us or kill us) the indian military have a become many situations that are Regular recruitment rallies were stopped after the outbreak of Covid-19. After two years of waiting, the government has offered this short-term recruitment scheme, which will only create uncertainties in their lives, the job aspirants said all the soulder will be give the protect in our country.

Agniveers recruitment CAPF police get priority

The Centre and a few BJP-ruled states on Wednesday sought to assuage fears over the newlu unveiled Agnipath recruitment scheme by the Indian soulder 25% soulder will give to permanent duty but all the soulder are no any work in after announcing a slew of post-retirement employment possibilities for Agniveers. The Union Home Ministry tweeted that priority will be given to Agniveers who have completed four years under this scheme in the recruitment of Central Armed and all indian military to have permanent duty Police Forces and Assam Rifles and detailed planning work has started on this. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Assam announced that soldiers who have served in the Army under the new scheme would be given preference in police recruitment in their respective state will give priority to Agniveers in the (recruitment of) state police and related services all the Indian soulder to be protected all over the country that the agnipath scheme all the Indian new boy are best opportunity to select the army after they serve Maa Bharti (country),” UP M Yogi Adityanath tweeted.


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