Class 10th Computer Science Project Work Internet

Data exchange and global network over the world 3D rendering elements of this image furnished by NASA

Project- 3

Inertnet (e-mail-id, website …….etc)

Internet is a global network of thousands of separate computers and networks that communicate using a common language. No one company on the network. The internet is the pipeline that carries data between computers. The internet consist of a number of computers called ‘hosts’ and interconnecting equipment such as routers and telecommunication link that interconnect and hosts together. Internet works as a huse packet switched network. A host computer that provides information for others to use is generally called a ‘server’. And a computer that requests for information or services from a server computer is called ‘Client’.

The client and the server used a common method for communicating and for transferring data from one computer to another. The data transfers among them, using some specific rules. These set of rules are called ‘protocol’.

internet uses TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) as its protocol for communication.

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Addressing scheme :

To identify a computer on the network, each computer should have a unique name or an address. Therefore, the internet uses a scheme to allot unique addresses to the computers attached to it. Each host computer on the internet is identified in two ways.

संचार के प्रकार एवं माध्यम (Kinds and medium of communication)

(1) Domain Name :

Firstly, each computer on the internet has a unique assigned name such as Google com., That is referred to as its domain name. Domain name have two parts : an individual name given to a computer, followed by a domain, some common domains are as following :

.com : Commercial purpose.

.edu : Educational sites.

.gov : Government sites.

.mil : Military sites.

(2) TCP/IP Address :

Each computer on the internet also has a unique memorial address called a TCP/IP address. This is a group of four numbers joined by dots. For example. a 32-bit binary number that uniquely identifies a computer on the internet.

World Wide Web

The world wide web (www) is a collection of host machines, card web servers which deliver documents, graphical and multimedia to users via the internet. Pages or files are stored Aaj internet explorer aur net scope navigator etc

information is stored on the web service in form called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). WWW is one of the biggest feature that the internet provides.

every host machine that is used as a web server stores information as a collection of web pages.This collection of web pages is called a “Web site”.Each website has its unique web web address or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is divided into three parts :

(a) a protocol part

(b) a host part

(c) a document name.

For Example : http//www.psagra:in

spacfies the protocol as HTTP, the host name or www server and domain name.

Web Browser :

Web browser is a program that it is used to access information from the www which is told in the form of web pages or HTML pages.Web browsers are also called ‘ Web Client’ or ‘Internet Navigation Tool’.

Web browser display the HTML page on the computer screen in the format defined by a web developer. Most popular web browsers are internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google, Chrome etc.

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Web Pages :

A web page is a document that contains information like text, images, sound, video and links, to be displayed and instructions on how to format and display that information on the screen. A web page typing karni has the file extension. htm.

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Conclusion :

This project gives us the information about internet and various terms using in the world wide web.


Ques.1 What is hyperlink?

Ans. A text, that provides that connects user from one part of a www document to another.

Ques.2 Who developed ARPNET?

Ans. ARPNET was developed by U.S. Department of Defence in the year 1960’s.

Ques.3 What is FTP?

Ans. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the internet protocol to copy file from one computer to another.

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