Corona virus : India is at number two in terms of infection covid , know the status of other five countries of the world


The death rate of corona in the india is 1.16 percent while the recovery rate is more than 90 percent. Active cases have come down to less than 8 percent. India is second in the world in Corona Active Case.

India also ranks second in terms of total number of infected people. While after America and Brazil India has the highest number of deaths in the world.

covid in india

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Corona Case – What is the situation in the top five countries

World – 17,00,44,172
America – 34,043,068
India- 2,78,94,800
Brazil – 16,515,120
France – 5,666,113
Turkey – 5,242,911

In the maximum number of deaths from Corona has gone to America and the case of Corona’s death India is at the number three in case of Corona’s death. In America, 609,544 people died due to Corona. At the same time, after America, 462,092 people died due to corona in Brazil. India is at number three where a total of 3 lakh 25 thousand 972 people have lost their lives so far.

Death from Corona – what is the situation in the top five countries

World- 3,556,583
America – 609,544
Brazil- 462,092
India – 3,25, 972
Mexico – 223,507
Britain – 127,781
Some more information related to Corona in India

. The number of new corona patients in the india has crosse the four lakh above mark during the day. But now this figure has come down to one lakh 65 thousand. The positivity rate has also come down to eight percent in the country

with other countries Comparing to India on the present condition of Corona America is ahead of India in this total number of corona patients.

In the United State, the total number of corona patients is 34,043,768, while in India there are , 2,78,94,900 people have fallen victim to corona so far. After India, Brazil is at number three, where 16,515,130 people have been hit by Corona so far.


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