However, the final semester students that the university should also promote final year students based on assisgment Based-Examination mode.

NEW DELHI: india was live through in covid time is very diffcult, the second wave of covide is very danagers, the Delhi University has decided to promote the second year students like last year . The students will be markes on the assisgment Based-Examination (ABE) mode. However, the university will conduct Open Book Examination (OBE) for third year students and third year ex students those not attempt last year exam or not passesd third year students, its for post gradution and under graducation third year both are included.

The university announced the final term end examinations on 27/05/2021Thursday and the exams will be conducted from next month June 7.
“semester IV for 3-year undergraduationn courses will be on OBE mode of Examination, Detailed guidelines to follow soon,”said DU in its official tweet.

The university take any decision for the examinations of second semester (first yeat students).
Examination of first year students (II Sem) will be decided in due course of time if covid sitution is under control then first year students take exam .All datesheets are available on the DU website,”it said. DS Rawat, Dean of Delhi University Examinations, Delhi University, said that, “Under this ABE (Assignment Based Examination) mode, the evalaution of exam is done in 50-50 method. By this method the 50 percent for internal assessments

“The decision on second year students delhi university is yet to be taken as the admissions last year were delayed due to lockdown and the students gave their first semester exams in March. So, the decision on how the evaluation of the second sem. students will most probable may be taken in June.”

The final year exams were scheduled to bestart on 07th june but the protest and request by the students and teachers to not conduct exam this year.
the university say first and second year all students has been promoted on base of assisgment but the final year students take a remote mode exam.

Many students of University have lost sonmeone or are suffering from Covid-19 virus. Same is also with the teachers.
in such the time all students and teacher niether ready to take exam
said Dr Pankaj Garg, former AC member and Convenor of INTEC


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