Fake company’s tablet has been made in Maharashtra, playing with people’s lives


Amidst the crisis of Corona, the process of selling fake Fake company medicines. Osmanabad district of Maharashtra came to the fore where people are ready to buy expensive medicines to save lives, in such a situation, fake medicines are being made in Maharashtra, they are being played with people’s lives.

Fake company’s tablet

Shocking news came out from Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. The fake medicine of Favimax used for the treatment of corona patients continued to be made. After which there has been a stir in the administration.

In Mumbai, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had launched a campaign, in which counterfeit medicines were being confiscated. When he reached Osmanabad district of Maharashtra
Stocks of these counterfeit medicines were found from Mumbai’s main distributors Shivsrishti Surgemed, Meditab Worldwild and Nirav Trading. Fake pills were sold in Umarga and Osmanabad taluks of Osmanabad district

According to the FDA, the starch used here for laundry was used in the manufacture of these tablets.
It was written on the medicines that Max Relief Healthcare, a company manufacturing such tablets, is located in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. On searching it was found that there is no such company

Now the sale of Favimax tablets is banned in Osmanabad district. 300 medicines have been seized from Shrinath Enterprises in Umarga and 320 in Osmanabad. Whose value is Rs.68,000. According to the FDA, it is not the fault of the shopkeepers as they were getting the supplies fake.

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