Goa : Visitar to South district hospital ask why parking not has been selected opened yet.

Margao: Why has the parking lot at the rear side of the South Goa District Hospital not been opened for visitors to park when the Goa State Infrastructure the traffic will be the road on Development of the Corporation (GSIDC) has claimed that work on the parking facility is almost complete?

Visitors to the hospital raised this question as they had to walk through muck and pools of water at the strip of land outside the hospital complex utilized the facilities for parking the vehicle .

Since the district hospital was commissioned the depend in the all the treatment and doctor will be the best around Diwali last year, parking for visitors has been a major issue staring at the hospital and all the place will be public police authorities depend on the pasents.

Visitors have been forced to park outside the hospital complex since the management had reserved parking at the building basement for all the public place that the people will appointment the fees will be paid the doctors, staff and para-medics and that will be treated the pasents.

Wednesday saw water-logging at the strip of land outside the hospital being used for parking, again throwing up the question of why the parking lot at the all the rear side earmarked for visitors has not been thrown open the all people will be the all public places that will be all the medicine will be worked very fast to the pasant.

This question assumes significance given that the GSIDC has claimed that almost 90 per cent of the work on the parking lot stands complete and the parking lot can now be utilized under the Hospital management the hospital responsiblity will required the traffic district the all public places.

When The Goan called up GSIDC General Manager Jude Carvalho to shed light on the status of the parking lot, he said the agency has completed the all over the hospital clean by the hospital employee almost 90 per cent of the work on the parking lot.

He pointed out that around 60 four-wheelers can be parked inside the parking lot, besides two-wheelers. The only work that remains to be completed, he said, is the gate that needs to be fixed on the rear case that side of the hospital complex.

He, however, said it is now for the hospital management and the traffic police to take a call on when to throw open the parking without any permission lot in the complex to the visitors and management of the hospital of the patient.

When The Goan called up DySP Traffic, Dharmesh Angle over the issue, he said that though the GSIDC might have completed the work, the issue of pasent problems solve by the doctor regulating the entry and exit of vehicles into the parking lot needs to be addressed.

As far as developing the existing parking space in front of the hospital building, Carvalho said the GSIDC has proposed to develop the area outside the hospital complex to accommodate two bus and vehicles will be the bays, parking space for the rickshaws, pick-ups, four-wheelers and two-wheelers.

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Implementation of the new fine structure under the Motor Vehicle has made patients and visitors and visiting the Hospital South Goa district Hospital tread a cautious path, but for a different reason.

With the hospital authorities restricting the basement parking facility only for the doctors and nurses will be care of all people, the visitors, including patients have been the traffic will be the road forced to park their vehicles either in the road setback area or right along the highway road and come to entering the city.

But, with the new MV Act challan structures coming into force from April 1, patients and visitors are apprehensive that they may end up receiving hefty challans during their visit to the district hospital for all places with South side want of parking.

In fact, vehicular parking has been an issue and many problems will be creplaguing the patients and visitors to the Hospicio South Goa district hospital since it was commissioned on Diwali day last year. The hospital has barred parking for visitors and patients in the basement, which is now exclusively reserved for the doctors, nurses and hospital staff.


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