India’s first bitcoin scam …


India’s first bitcoin scam has come to light, which has been carried out by a 25-year-old student, the name of that person is Shri Krishna Ramesh Sirki.

Allegations against Shri Krishna Ramesh Sirki in the bitcoin case

Srikrishna Ramesh Sirki is accused of hacking bitcoin exchange, poker game website and e-procurement websites of e-governance department of Karnataka government.
In a statement to the police, Sirkey said that he hacked the Hong Kong-based Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange in 2015, a year before which 1,19,756 bitcoins were stolen from the exchange in August 2016. hacked it.

Bitcoin scam

Statements made in the bitcoin case by Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Ramesh

In a statement before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Ramesh has admitted that he started learning hacking from class IV and later it worked for him in cyber crimes.
He says that from class IV to class X, he joined a group of blackchat hackers where he learned how to hack and then earn money from it.
After this Shri Krishna studied from a college in Bangalore and then he went to the Netherlands.

Shri Krishna’s claim

Shri Krishna claims that he does not have a bank account of his own and that his friend Robin Khandelwal from West Bengal used to keep track of his all money.
Krishna claims that he is among the first to hack Hong Kong’s bitcoin exchange Bitfinex. He says that he stole two thousand bitcoins from here, at that time the price of one bitcoin was up to one hundred two 200 dollars, he says that he spent this money by staying in luxury hotels.
Earlier, Krishna’s name came into the limelight when he was caught with drugs procured through the darknet in November 2020.

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During the interrogation of the drug case, he had told about his hacking skills and lifestyle.
Congress leaders of Karnataka have accused the BJP government and leaders of the state of being involved in this first bitcoin scam of the country.

India should learn from the world  

Countries of the world get their work done by hiding the names of their hackers and the chutes here are defaming them by bringing them to the fore, now they will put them in jail but will not use their abilities in future DATA war, cyber war will say ours again.  Server is not secure.


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