Inspiring story of Feroz Alam became an officer of Delhi Police Constable after 10 years of hard work..


Firoz Alam was recruited as a constable in Delhi Police in 2010. After this, Feroze studied graduation and post graduation. Along with this, he tried to pass the UPSC exam to become an officer. After several failures, he cleared the UPSC exam in his sixth attempt in 2019.

If a child passes the Class X with 51% marks in the Class X and 15% from today, after failing in the 11th standard next year, then becoming a Constable in Delhi Police will be a big achievement in itself. . But if that constable named Firoz Alam becomes IPS after ten years after passing the toughest UPSC exam in the country, then this is the story of him coming to the top in the race to achieve his objective.

Feroze says that 31 March 2021 was his last day as a constable in Delhi Police. The very next day, when he rejoined the Delhi Police Force as ACP with the uniform of stars on his shoulder. The only one difference was that his fellow constable friends who used to call him ‘Bhai’ was now calling him ‘Sir’ and yes for ten years he used to be called ‘Sir’, now his counterparts were standing.

Born in village Azampur Dahpa in Pilkhuwa Kotwali police station area of ​​Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh, Feroze has five brothers and three sisters. Feroze father Mr.Mohammed Shahadat used to work as a junk and he completed her 12th from Marwah College, Pilkhuwa.He say that I had dreamed since childhood that he would wear a uniform of police one day, so got ready for it and when I wore the uniform, it felt that this is just the beginning of Life.

First two years pre and next year man exam did not pass
Feroze says that after seeing the modalities of officers and their dreams, they too decided to become officers and started preparing whole heartedly for this. He say I could not pass the preliminary examination in My first two attempts. After that, he passed the preliminary examination for the next three years, but did not succeed at the next stage.

Helping other constables preparing for UPSC
Now ACP Firoz Alam is helping other constables of his department who are preparing to clear the UPSC exam. He has formed a group on app like WhatsApp with the name of Delhi Police UPSC Family and there are 58 constables preparing for UPSC exam are members of his group. Feroze says that some have passed elementary education and some are preparing for it and whatever they need from advice to notes, Feroze is ready to help them all the time.

Endurance and confidence test
Feroz, who politely describes his tenth, eleventh and twelfth results, says that it is a test of patience and confidence and that if “an ordinary person like me can pass it without being afraid of failure then it is difficult for anyone to pass it.” Is not ”


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