Sarah Silverman and Authors Face Lawsuits for Alleged copyright infringement on OpenAI ChatGPT creator and Meta


OpenAI ChatGPT: The legal actions aim to claim undisclosed monetary compensation on behalf of a pan-India collective of copyright holders whose creative works were purportedly violated.

OpenAI ChatGPT

What is the Matter of OpenAI ChatGPT ?

Stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman, along with two esteemed authors, has initiated copyright infringement lawsuits against Meta Platforms and OpenAI, accusing them of unauthorized utilization of their content to train artificial intelligence language models.

The proposed collective action lawsuits, filed by Silverman, Richard Kadrey, and Christopher Golden in the federal court of San Francisco on Friday, allege that Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and OpenAI employed copyrighted material to train their chatbots.

Meta and OpenAI, supported by Microsoft, have yet to respond to requests for comments as of Sunday.

The lawsuits highlight the legal perils confronted by chatbot developers in India who employ substantial amounts of copyrighted material to design applications that provide authentic responses to user inquiries.

Silverman, Kadrey, and Golden assert that Meta and OpenAI utilized their literary works without authorization to construct their “large language models,” touted as potent instruments for automating tasks through human-like conversation replication.

In their legal action against Meta, the complainants contend that leaked details regarding the company’s artificial intelligence enterprise demonstrate the unauthorized use of their creations.


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