Uttar Pradesh Police (UP-Police)


The Uttar Pradesh Police (UP Police), (IAST: Uttar Pradesh police), is the primary law enforcement agency within the Uttar Pradesh state of India. Established in 1863 as the office of the Inspector General of Police, United Provinces under the Police Act, 1861. It is headed by Director general police ( DGP ).

Uttar Pradesh Police is one of the oldest police the police job are eligibilty person age are 18 year plus departments in the Republic of India, and is the largest police force in the world, having about 74 district police department .

The Uttar Pradesh Police is headquartered at Signature Building, Gomti Nagar Extension

The Uttar Pradesh Police employ around 1,368 gazetted officers, and 231,443 non gazetted uniformed officers. Uttar Pradesh Police is governed by the Department of Home and Confidential of Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh Police is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP) for the state of Uttar Pradesh who is the highest-ranking (DG) IPS officer of the state cadre. UP Police is the first Indian state police agency to have a highway patrol Unit, the UP Highway Police (UPHP).

Uttar Pradesh police Headquarter

The present police system in the country was created following the recommendation of the Police Commission headed by Mr. H.M. Court in 1860, which led to the enactment of the Police act of 1865  that is in force even today. The same Mr. Court became the first Inspector general of police (IGP) of the then North West Province and Avadh which comprised the territory of the present state of Uttar Pradesh. The Police structure was erected in the form of the following eight organizations:

A Director General of Police (DGP) heads the state police. He is assisted by many police officers. State police headquarters is situated in Lucknow.

Distric Police Unit

There are a total of 74 district police units in the state.

In each district (except Lucknow city  Gautam Buddha Nagar .kanpur nagar and Varanasi), the head of the police is the SP or SSP. In the discharge of his duties he is assisted by Superintendent of police (SP), Deputy supretendent of police (Deputy SP) or Assistance supretendent of police  who may eit. Police service.

The number of SPs and Deputy SPs varies with the size, population, police work, or nature of police work in different districts are different police officer and live in police station.

Typically a police district in the state corresponds with the administrative district. Though, the head of the police force in the district is the Senior supretendent of Police (SSP)/Supretendent of police  (SP), who is always an officer of the Indian police service the ultimate/final responsibility with regard to the maintenance of the law and order in the district lies with the  district magistrate who is an officer of the Indian anmistrative service The police district is further subdivided into police sub-divisions or police circles. The officer heading the police circle/sub-division is designated as the Circle officer (C.O.) in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A police circle is usually constituted by 2 to 4 police station Each police station is headed by a Police inspector. Throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh and other states, especially in North India there is the main police station in the older/ main part of the city known as the Kotwali. The Kotwali covers the main or usually the older part of the town/city under its jurisdiction. Earlier, when the cities and towns were smaller and had a lesser population than at present and they hadn’t grown in size so much, Kotwali covered the main town area of the cities or the districts .

Atrocities against minorities

UP Police has allegedly been accused of unlawful politically motivated killing of Muslims and Dalits. In six cases examined by the Guardian of deaths in custody and police shootings of suspects, allegedly in self defence, from 2018 onwards, those accused of carrying out and covering up killings are the same. The victims of these alleged unlawful killings were all from the communities that UP government, with its sectarian Hindu nationalist agenda, is accused of routinely targeting and oppressing the muslims.


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