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You all know that all over the world, many types of festivals are celebrated throughout the year. In this people worship God and many other things happen. Many of them are such festivals which we always remember and many good memories are also found and there is some reason or the other to celebrate all the festivals. So in the same way there are some days in every year which are called lovers’ day.

Now listening to which day is the name of the lovers, you must have understood that what day we are talking about We tell which day it is. Yes, that day is called Valentine’s Day.

But friends, all of you must have heard the name of Valentine’s Day, but do you know what happens on this day? Or why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? If you also want to know about it, then read this story carefully till the last, in which we will tell you what is Valentine’s Day? Why does it happen? And for whom does it happen? And we will also know why this day is celebrated only on 14th February? When did the celebration of this day start?

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What is Valentine’s Day?

So friends, first of all tell all of you that every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February. This day is also known as the day of lovers. On this day of the year, many lovers express their love to their sweethearts. On this day even girlfriends are not able to refuse those lovers. Along with this, on this day lover and girlfriend give each other a very special feeling and make each other feel very special. Not only this but on this day lover and girlfriend also give gifts to each other and also organize many other things like Surprise Party and etc.

When did Valentine’s Day start?

Friends, now tell all of you when the celebration of Valentine started. So let us tell you that it started from the time of King Claudius of Rome. There was a priest in the time of King Claudius, his name was Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day celebrated in today’s time was started in his name. Saint Valentine was a very good and clear minded person who used to promote love. For him, the name of life was love, which means that the purpose of his life was to love and live with love. But the king of that time was Claudius, he was against love. He believed that due to love, both the power and intelligence inside men ends.


So he had made a rule in his kingdom that according to which the officers of his kingdom and the soldiers of the kingdom were not allowed to marry. But as we told you that Saint Valentine used to promote love, so he protested against King Claudius and he inspired the people of the state for love and promoted love. Not only this but he had also conducted marriages of many soldiers of that state. Due to this, King Claudius got very angry and he hanged Saint Valentine on February 14, 269.

From that day onwards people started celebrating 14 February as the day of love. That’s why from that day every year 14 February was celebrated as Valentine’s Day.
So friends, you might have understood why and since when Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

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Let us now tell you what else happens on Valentine’s Day?

How long is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day begins every year on 7th February and ends on 14th February. Yes, Valentine’s Day is celebrated for a whole week. And seven days of the week, different days are celebrated in different ways. So let us also tell you about Valentine Week.

Valentine Week List 2023:

Day 1 – Rose Day (7 February):-

Friends, let us tell you that the first day of this week is celebrated as Rose Day. On the day of Rose Day, the lover expresses his love by giving a rose to his girlfriend, that is, to whom he wants to express love, and those people who love each other also deepen their love by giving Rose. Is.

Second Day – Propose Day (8 February):-

The second day of this week is celebrated as Propose Day. On Propose Day, the lover does Propose Day to his girlfriend i.e. the one he loves. While doing Propose Day, you can also buy a nice gift for your girlfriend.

Third Day – Chocolate Day (9th February):-

The third day is celebrated as Chocolate Day. On this day the lover gives chocolate to his beloved. There is also a reason behind giving chocolate to the girlfriend that chocolate is sweet and by giving it the bitterness between them vanishes and the sweetness of their relationship increases and the love of both also increases.

Fourth day – Teddy Day (10 February):-

Tell everyone that the fourth day of this week is celebrated as Teddy Day. On this day of the month i.e. 10 February, the lover gives a Teddy Bear as a gift to his girlfriend. Because it is believed that the feelings of the lover are attached to Teddy, love also increases by giving it.

Fifth day – Promise Day (11 February):-

Friends, tell all of you that this day of February is celebrated as Promise Day. On this day the lover promises his girlfriend that he will always keep her happy and will always be with her. Both make promises to each other.

Sixth Day – Hug Day (12 February):-

February 12 is celebrated as Hug Day. On this day of the month i.e. Hug Day, all the lovers meet each other and do a lovely Hug. Due to which the distance between them ends and they forget all the sorrows.

Seventh Day – Kiss Day (February 13):-

So friends tell all of you that this day of February is celebrated as Kiss Day. On this day lovers kiss each other, due to which the love between them becomes even more.

Eighth Day – Valentine’s Day (14 February):-


So friends, you all must know about this day because it is the main and last day among all these days. On this day the boyfriend takes his girlfriend on a date and gives her many gifts. He also arranges a good dinner and gives many surprises. Due to which their relationship becomes even deeper.

Let me tell you that it is not necessary that you celebrate all this only when you have GF or BF. There are some days of this which you can celebrate with any of your best friends.

Friends, I hope you have liked this information of ours. We tried to give you complete information about Valentine’s Day. Friends, keep following our site to get such information. Thank you.

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