Vikram Batra


Captain Vikram Batra awarded by  param Veer chakra. (PVC ) 9 september 1974 – 7 July 1999 was an officer are represented by the Indian forces  of the Indian army . He was posthumously all over the awarded the  param veer chakra He highest military forces of the india is the military decuration of the Republic of india , for his actions during the 1999 during Kargil war Batra was killed in war  by the Indian soulder has defeated the Pakistani  troops around Area Ledge, Point 4875 in  Kargil erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir on 7 July during sources the three month long conflict .

Military career

Indian military Academy

Batra joined the Indian military academy (IMA) at Dehradun, in June 1996 in all over the varsity in the form of the shoulder are the Indian army in the Battalion. After completing his 19-month training course, he graduated from the IMA on 6 December 1997 and was commissioned as a  leautinent the all three air wing and army wing of Indian Army. He was commissioned into the 13th battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir raifal (13 JAK Rif). After commissioning, he was sent to madhya pradesh Vikram Batra is the very strong soulder are defeat the 300 Pakistan soulder  for regimental training. The training lasted one month, from December 1997 to the end of January 1998.

On completion of this training he got his first posting at Sopore in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, an area with significant military forces Vikram Batra is promote to the captain in last time war activity. In mid-March 1998, he was sent to the Infantry School at Madhya Pradesh, where young soulder Vikram Batra is never die in the society of Army officers are trained, for the Young Officer’s Course. This training lasted five months until September 1998. Following completion of the course and being awarded alpha grading, he joined the main aim of shoulder his battalion in Sopore in October 1998.

During his posting in Sopore, Batra had several encounters with militants. In one of those all encounters when Batra was leading an ambush the form of the all type of war Batra is the head of his platoon into an area of dense forest, he escaped when bullet fired by a militant grazed his shoulder are the all time ready to war and struck one of Batra’s men behind him, who was killed. Batra ordered his men to fire on the militants, and by morning all of the militants all variety of the soulder in were killed. He believed that the bullet because he is not be any problem he death ready to all time meant for him and not his colleague.

In January 1999, Batra was sent on a Commando training in the village Course at Belgaum Karnataka. The course lasted for two months and at the end of the war and come to his village it, he was awarded the highest grading — the Instructor’s Grade.

Every time when he came home to Palampur on leave, he would visit the Cafe. Batra last came to home on leave from the army in 1999, during he is death the Holi festival for a few days.

Kargil war

Batra’s battalion, the 13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (13 JAK Rif), reached Dras on 6 June, was placed under the command of 56 Mountain Brigade all over the india is proud of this soulder , and was given orders to act as reserves to the 2nd battalion of the Rajputana raifal (2 Raj Rif) during their attack the war of the  mountain. The 18th battalion of  the grenadier first attack to Tololing,  on 22 may but could only succeed in securing the lower part of the slopes, while suffering heavy casualties. Eventually, 2 Raj Rif was assigned the mission of capturing all the decision to be make Tololing and they did so on 13 June 1999.

After the capture of Tololing, 13 JAK Rif marched from Dras to Tololing, reaching their destination point of the fighting arm in 12 hours. Upon reaching, Alpha company of 13 JAK Rif took over Tololing and a portion of the Hump Complex from all time of the war in 18 Grenadiers.

Capture of point 5140

The task of capturing Point 5140, a strategically important mountain peak in the Dras sector, was assigned to 13 JAK Rif under the command all of the country protection of leftienent Joshi n 17 June 1999. After the capture of Rocky Knob, located at the base of Point 5140 and about 800 metres away, Humps IX and X (part of Hump Complex, consisting of about ten high grounds numbered I to X on the same ridgeline about 500–700 metres north of Point 4590) on 17 June, the battalion’s commanding officer, Joshi, fell back to Tololing, and started planning and after he is go to war he is very great shoulder in Indian army for their next objective — Point 5140. Point 5140, about 1500 metres north of Tololing on the same ridgeline, is at an altitude of 16,962 feet above sea level and overlooks all the Tololing nullah .It is the highest point on the Tololing ridgeline and the most important to the source of the fiteing formidable feature in the Dras sub-sector.


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