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Keep a Practice Journal yoga.

Yoga classes are full of little comments and
insights that smooth over life’s rough edges
and change the way we see ourselves. But
today’s “aha!” experience is swept away
in the flood of tommarow activities.
Write it down.

A spiral bound blank book is a great place
for recording thoughts about your practice
even if some of your insights turn out to
be less than cosmic.

Use your notebook to make observation about
the classes you are taking too.

Compile list of postures the once you
know and the onces that you are learning.
list new term that you think you would
like to remember. Write down question
that come up in meditation. You get
the idea.

Become an ‘Artist!’.

Drawing stick figure is a great way to summarize information and remember the fine point about a posture. “Mr.Stick” (or “Mr.Peanut” if you are a bit more talantd )takes only moments to sketch Hightlight your drawing with arrow and important cues.

Small figure can be used to create short
sequence (vinyasas) and even longer
practice routines. Of course ,if you
are computer whiz you might consider
scanning digital photos of posture into
your computer and mainipulating the
images onscreen. but then you’ll miss the
fun of creating the images yourself.

Make Space in your home

By practising in the same place at home
you craete a groove in your mind -the
memory of past day experiences makes
it easier to begin today .

Store props nearby so that getting started
does’nt required a lot of running around
An inspiring image or statue ,an oriental
carpet ,or a specially selected cushion can
make this place as special

Define Your Practice

The practice routine you creat depends
a good deal on you.Define the time you
have available for practice ,the technique.

you would like to focus on ,and the balance
among meditation ,breathing ,and asana
practice. Then consider the details.
Are you clear about order of your
practice and the method you using?

Are there aspects of an asana that need
attention or that intrigue you? If a posture
or any other practice seems too diffucult
could you break down it ,or prepare for it with
less challenging techniques? What are the steps
in the relaxation or meditation method you
have learned ? if you have questions,make
sure to ask your teacher help.

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Invest a sticky map

This way seem like a mirror matter but
the security that comes from firm footing
is hard to overrate.

If you have never tried a mat ,barrow
a friend’s so that you can feel the
difference it make in any of the
spread-legged postures and in the
downward-facing dog pose . once you’ve
tried it you’ll probably want your own.

Balance the posture with relaxation meditation

This day most yoga classes heavily emphasize asthma practice some teachers may not include relaxation for meditation in the class routine at all but don’t neglect them you need to relax it will help you feel better and once you have begin to relax for meditation regularly the experience will transform.

Many students are attracted to yoga primary in in order to meditate others are focused on physical health and are not aware of the importance of meditation working with the body or mind alone is usually not enough to create the inner strength and equilibrium we hope for a balanced combination of asanas practice and mental centring bill in gender a sense of well being

Build a small library for book and CDs

Yoga video aur in valuable they offer experience with different style of yoga as well as with different level of practice and audio recording is a great way to internalise the relaxation of meditation practice of your choice.

In addition a library of a
dozen or so yoga related books will
provide a lifelong source of information my choice would include 223 manual style books offering practice suggestion and an overview of yoga a copy of Bhagavad Gita a basic and tonic workbook a copy of yoga Sutra of Patanjali( how to know God remains a God being choice )a book debate to the spirit and practice of meditation something on yoga philosophy
and introduction to Ayurveda and three books that inspired you will your
library slowly

Learn to sound out Sanskrit word( if you like languages)


. Sanskrit is an elegant language and
it contain technical term as well
as historical names that have been
associated with yoga for Millenia
it’s an orderly language to and also
you have learn the basic of pronunciation
your days of mumbling and sound will be
over most Sanskrit syllabus begin with
consonants or 2 and end with we’ll all

Sanskrit letter have fix pronunciation
and light English she is cheese as and
so on so on so you can pronounce the
letter you can sound out the word this
will also make it possible to accurately
pronounce the Money Mantra found
in meditation practice

Take breathing break

Breathing is a powerful
tool for managing stress
and while if you moment of
breath awareness current
definitely short circuit a fit of anger or a moment
of anexity you might consider
extending your breathing brakes and using them on
a more regular basic refreshing
yourself for a few minutes
or longer once or twice every
day during your break you can
close your eyes and count your
breads or you can simply relax
the tension that have crept into
the respiratory muscles you will
find the five minute period of
great awareness with note the
subtitle strain of daily thinking
and recharge your mind place
reminders break for breathing
at one or two ki place in your
home or office better at don’t
let an afternoon go by without
using 5 minutes so this sort
of mini mediation

Let The Practice do their work

In the midest of a poster or relaxation
exercise it’s easy to feel your soul be
doing something and certainly it’s
important to make the effort to master
a practice but trying too hard can get
in the way just as much as not giving
enough afford so a good question to ask
in the middle of any practice is I
letting the posture (Breathing exercise
meditation focus do its works try it
the next time you practice the relaxation
posture savasana that the posture do
its work.

Go to bed on time

That romantic dream of getting up
early for a long asana and meditation
practice follow by whole wheat weapons
and stroll around the block won’t
happen unless you work on the other
in of the equation going to bed on
time on you have visited your late
night activities and move your bedtime
to a reasonable how was you can consider
making changes in your morning schedule
but give yourself plenty of time for
adjustment months rather than dayofweek
expect to feel better when you are done.

Quit that critics


you know the owns the voice
of your head that tell you
that you aren’t likely to
accomplish much or that you
are really not suited for yoga
everyone has some doubts about
themselves but if those doubt
become a blessings yours they
have gone to for trust that you
interested in an appreciation for
yoga are really a kind of devotion
is sentiment to greater value than
any technical skill you can master
and remember Krishna’s word in
Bhagavad Gita those who come for
celta no matter how humble they
may be reached the path supreme



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